Here we go with Episode 3 of the Game of Thrones Season 4!

For every episode this season, we’ll post screenshots from the scenes filmed in and around Split. You can visit most of these filming locations in person by taking our highly rated Game of Thrones tour. View Episode 1 of Season 4 here.


Now let’s dig in…

In the second episode called “Breaker of Chains”, Daenarys and her army have reached the slave society of Meereen.

Upon arrival, Daenarys gives the masters of Meereen a warning. The Meereenese slaves line the city walls to listen to her warnings.

The masters of Meereen rebuff and ignore her warnings. Instead, send out their champion to fight Daenarys’ champion.

Daenarys’ champion Daario Naharis quickly slays the Meereen warrior. Daenarys then engages her army to bring out the first assault.

A number of trebuchets launch barrels full of slave collars collected from Yunkai and Astapor.

Stay tuned for Episode 4 when Daenarys takes on Meereen.