Here we go with Episode 4 of the Game of Thrones Season 4!

For every episode this season, we’ll post screenshots from the scenes filmed in and around Split. You can visit these filming locations in person by taking our highly rated Game of Thrones tour. View Episode 1 of Season 4 here and Episode 3 here.


Let’s get started…

In the second episode called “Oathkeeper”, Daenarys and her army begin their assault on the walled city of Meereen. The following scenes were filmed at Diocletian’s Palace in Split and at Klis Fortress, outside Split, both stops on our Game of Thrones tour.

Before beginning a formal attack, some of the Unsullied soldiers break into the catacombs where many of the Meereenese slaves live.

Grey Worm speaks to the Meereenese slaves, convincing them that Daenarys is here to save them from enslavement.


The next morning, a Meereenese master walks through the city streets with his guards when he notices some unsettling grafitti.

At that moment, the master is found by the Unsullied and Meereenese slaves.

With the participation of the Meereenese slaves, Daenarys and her army easily conquer the city of Meereen. The slaves of Meereen are happy to finally be free.

Daenarys comes out to the city walls to speak to Meereen after conquering the city.

As a punishment for brutally crucifying the slave children on the road to Meereen, Daenarys has many of the masters crucified on the outer walls of the city.

That’s it for Season 4! To view the scenes from Season 5 that were filmed in Split, check out this page. Remember you can visit these locations on our Game of Thrones Tour in Split, Croatia.