Season 5 of Game of Thrones is finally here! For every episode this season, we’ll post screenshots from the scenes filmed in and around Split. You can visit these filming locations in person by taking our highly rated Game of Thrones tour.


Now let’s dig in…

The first episode “The Wars to Come” was full of many great scenes filmed in Split, Croatia. At the beginning, an Unsullied solder visits a brothel for some topless caressing.

In response to the killings committed by the Sons of the Harpy, Daenarys considers releasing her dragons to lay the smack down. She descends deep into the catacombs to see her dragons.

My, how they’ve grown since we last saw them in Season 4.

To keep the peace, the Unsullied Army patrols the streets of Meereen.

A great view of the city of Meereen, filmed in nearby Klis (another stop on our tour).

Daario and one of the masters walk the streets of Meereen. Also filmed in old town Split, this filming location is actually a prominent site in real life.

Stay tuned for the wrap up for Episode 2!