Thanks to the leak of the first four episodes of Season 5, we were able to watch Episode 2 a week early. We’ve put together a collection of stills from the Episode 2 scenes filmed in Split, Croatia. To see the scenes filmed in Split in Season 5 Episode 1, click here.


The second episode “The House of Black and White” featured many shots filmed at Klis Fortress, a stop on our highly rated tour located outside Split in a hilltop village.

Let’s set the stage.

One of Daenarys’ closest servants murders a member of the Sons of the Harpy as revenge for killing one of the Unsullied in a brothel. Daenarys decides to execute the servant to prove she is giving equal punishment in the eyes of the Meereenese.

In the first several scenes, the Unsullied Army, Daenarys, her bodyguards, Daario and Hizdahr zo Loraq make their way to the walls of Meereen, where Daenarys will speak to the citizens of Meereen.

Below, the Unsullied are walking the streets of Meereen towards the city walls.

Daario and Grey Worm walk the streets of Meeren towards the city walls.

Daenarys, Barriston Selmy, Missandei, Grey Worm, Daario and the rest of her guards walk out onto the city walls of Meereen as the freed citizens call to Daenarys.

This is a shot of the masters lining the outer walls of Meereen, built on top of the real life Klis Fortress.

Daenarys, Daario and Missandei arrive at the platform on the city walls.

Daario and Hizdahr zo Loraq stand on the platform behind Daenarys.

Daenarys speaks to the masters and freed citizens of Meereen.

Upset with the beheading of Daenarys’ former servant, the Meereenese begin to riot and throw things at Daenarys and her guards. The Unsullied protect Daenarys with shields as they get her back to the pyramid for safety.

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As a reminder, for every episode this season, we’ll post screenshots from the scenes filmed in and around Split. Take a look at the Split scenes from Episode 1 here. You can visit these filming locations in person by taking our highly rated Game of Thrones tour.