In Episode 10, one of the closing scenes of Season 5 was filmed at Klis Fortress in Split, Croatia. You can wander the fortress walls where this scene was filmed on our Game of Thrones Tour.


In the final episode of the 5th season entitled “Mother’s Mercy”, we finally season Tyrion meet up with Varys on the outer walls of Meereen.

As Tyrion watches Jorah and Daario ride off in search of Daenarys, Varys quiety appears at Tyrion’s side, like a true spider.

In this scene, Varys reassures Tyrion that it is important that he rule and reunite Meereen while Daenarys is gone (captured by Dothraki, unbeknownst to them).

That’s it for Season 5 of Game of Thrones! Until next year…

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