Season 6 is now in full swing and we are just over the moon about it. So many things are already happening on the show, plus, as we saw in Seasons 4 and 5, our beautiful city of Split is heavily featured. You can visit many of these locations on our Game of Thrones Tour.


The first episode of Season 6 was called “The Red Woman” and by now, we all know why. Today, we’re going to look in on Meereen as Split was the site of this long walk between Varys and Tyrion.

Dressed as peasants, Varys and Tyrion walk the outer walls of Meereen, filmed just outside of Split and one of the stops on our tour.

The two come across a homeless Meereenese mother on the street. Tyrion offers her money with his terrible Valyrian, leading her to believe that he wanted to eat her baby. Luckily, Varys clears up the misunderstanding.

Behind the mother, you can see the walls of Klis Fortress outside Split.

Next, Varys and Tyrion come up on gathering where a Red Priest is preaching fire and brimstone to a group of former slaves.

All of sudden, there are screams and people running away from a cloud of smoke. Varys and Tyrion run to find out where the chaos is coming from to find that all of the ships in the harbor are on fire. Clearly, nobody is going anywhere for a while.

That’s it for Episode 1! You can view all scenes filmed in Split on this page. Catch you next time for Episode 2.