Can I just say that the second episode was AMAZING! Today, we’re going to cover more from Meereen. Trouble is on the way.


The second episode of Season 6 was called “Home”. In this installment, Tyrion took a big leap to protect Daenarys’ reign from the rebels.

Without ships and with declining popularity, Daenarys’ court needs some serious help to keep control over the city. Tyrion recalled stories of the Targaryen dragons. They were held in captivity making them more vicious towards those they didn’t know, but also made them loyal to those they knew.

Tyrion takes a chance to make friends with the two remaining dragons chained in the basement, Rhaegal and Viserion, despite Varys’ objections. (Reminder: Daenarys flew off with Drogon in the last season.)

Naturally, Varys decides to keep a safe distance in case the play date goes south.

Tyrion slowly searches for the dragons in darkness, so as to prevent the dragons from feeling threatened.

Enter the dragons.

Tyrion gives one of his notorious speeches that can win almost anyone over. He succeeds in not being eaten.

Tyrion removes the chain of the first dragon.

And the second dragon makes it clear that he wants to be freed next.

We still haven’t seen what is next for Rhaegal and Viserion, but it will surely be fire-filled and destruction-heavy. All of the above shots were filmed in Split’s old town. You can visit these locations on our tour, which is the best-rated GOT tour in Split by TripAdvisor.