Here we go with another episode featuring Split!


The third episode of Season 6 was called “Oathbreaker”. In this episode, the old Varys of King’s Landing is back to lay down the smack.

Enter the throne room.

Varys summons a Meereenese woman named Vala who conspired with the Sons of the Harpy to slaughter the Unsullied last season (RIP Sir Barristan Selmy).

Varys explains, in his own special veiled manner, to Vala that she needs to assist with the efforts to stop the Sons of the Harpy. If she refuses, her child will be motherless.

After her first refusal, Varys comes closer to tell her all the ways he can make her “happy” as well as unhappy.

He offers her more money than she can fathom along with an all expenses-paid trip to Pentos in exchange for her cooperation. In the end, Varys always gets what he wants.

All of the above shots were filmed in Split’s old town. You can visit these locations on our tour, which is the best-rated GOT tour in Split by TripAdvisor.