Planning on taking both the Split and Dubrovnik tours? AWESOME.

After booking your tours, next step is to figure out how to travel between Split and Dubrovnik. It is important to note that they are 230km apart, which is approximately 3 hours by car.

There are several options for transportation between these two cities, but they do require a bit of planning. There is no train service to hop on at the last minute and bus/ferry services sell out during high season.

Never fear! We have your guide to all travel options below.

Traveling By Car

You can rent a car and drive. If taking the E65 highway (which is a tollroad), the drive is about 3 hours. If you take the coastal road D8, the drive is closer to 4 to 5 hours, or longer during summer due to beach traffic.

Please note that you will need to cross the border into Bosnia & Hercegovina regardless of the route you take, as this country controls part of the coastline.

We recommend renting through VIP Cars as they have the best rates from all available car rental agencies.

Traveling By Bus

Buses are the most efficient and cost effective way to travel across Croatia. The inter-city buses are usually large air-conditioned coaches. Some even offer free wifi. There are many private companies that offer hourly service between Split and Dubrovnik.

Click here to view the schedule of departures from Split

Click here to view the schedule of arrivals to Split (including departure times from Dubrovnik)

If taking a bus between May and September, be sure to purchase your ticket in advance at the main bus station in your departure city (called “autobusni kolodvor” in Croatian) and purchase a seat assignment. You will need to ask for the seat assignment, which usually costs an additional 10 kuna or so depending on the bus company.

Please note that round trip tickets are cheaper than purchasing each one way separately. If purchasing a round trip, you’ll only be able to reserve a seat assignment at the departure station. For example, if you purchase a round trip from Split to Dubrovnik. You can book a seat assignment for Split to Dubrovnik at the Split bus station, but you’ll need to book your return seat assignment at the Dubrovnik bus station.

There are buses that take the coastal road and some that take the highway. You can tell which route they take by the schedule. The buses with a long duration take the coastal road.

Traveling by Ferry & Catamaran offers catamaran service between the two cities. Click below for 2018 schedules:

The state-operated Jadrolinija offers ferries between Split and Dubrovnik as well. Here are the schedules for 2018.

Traveling by Plane

Croatia Airlines is now offering flights between Split and Dubrovnik. Service is offered only on weekends during winter and daily during summer.

This is a new service for 2018. If you plan on flying, be sure to book well in advance (e.g. months). As of January 2018, many summer flights have already sold out.

Check availability by clicking here.

Need help?

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