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Split GOT Tour

See the streets and walls of Meereen, Daenarys’ throne room, the dragons’ lair plus Missandei’s bathing spot. Start your Game of Thrones tour exploring the 1700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace. Next, explore Klis Fortress, a mountain-perched castle. Finally, enjoy a traditional feast of Croatian barbecue and local wine beside the Žrnovnica River at a 600-year-old water mill. Tour Length: 4  1/2 hours Split

See the streets and walls of Meereen, Daenarys’ throne room, the dragons’ lair plus Missandei’s bathing spot. Start your Game of Thrones tour exploring the 1700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace. Next, explore Klis Fortress, a mountain-perched castle. Finally, enjoy a traditional feast of Croatian barbecue and local wine beside the Žrnovnica River at a 600-year-old water mill. Tour Length: 4  1/2 hours Split

Dubrovnik GOT Tour

See King’s Landing including Sept of Baelor, Baelish’s brothel, Qarth, Red Keep, House of the Undying and more. Start your tour inside Dubrovnik’s 8th Century Old City. Iconic scenes from the show lurk around every corner and narrow alley. After exploring the Old City, you’ll hike up to Lovrijenac Fortress and see unparalleled panoramic views of the city, islands and Adriatic Sea. Tour Length: 2  1/2 hours DUBROVNIK GOT TOUR

See King’s Landing including Sept of Baelor, Baelish’s brothel, Qarth, Red Keep, House of the Undying and more. Start your tour inside Dubrovnik’s 8th Century Old City. Iconic scenes from the show lurk around every corner and narrow alley. After exploring the Old City, you’ll hike up to Lovrijenac Fortress and see unparalleled panoramic views of the city, islands and Adriatic Sea. Tour Length: 2  1/2 hours DUBROVNIK GOT TOUR

Reviews from Our Guests

  • This tour was everything my fiancé and I hoped it would be and MORE! Andrea was SO knowledgeable, not only about all things Game of Thrones but also about Split itself. We literally felt like we were part of the cast and crew as she re-enacted scenes from the show that were filmed in Split. Not only that, we also got history lessons at every location we went to! This tour is definitely a MUST DO! The end of the tour could not have been more perfect as it ends in the most beautiful garden for lunch (SO DELICIOUS…by the way) and WINE! I would do this tour all over again if I could! Thanks so much for everything Andrea, we had a blast!

    September 2017
  • We LOVED our GOT tour. Our guide, Andrea, was AWESOME. She was super knowledgeable about the show, the filming locations and the history of Split. She shared her theories about the show (Is Tyrion really a Targaryen?), insider knowledge about the filming of the show (her friends were extras during the filming), and what it was like for her to grow up in Split. We learned so much about Croatia from Andrea’s stories about her parents and grandparents. I won’t say too much about the sites, since that will spoil the fun. But I will say one thing about the last stop, which was the highlight of our entire vacation. We had lunch in the backyard of Andrea’s “friend.” Backyard is an understatement. It’s an ancient mill house where they still grind grain for the locals. It’s a restaurant where they grill fabulous authentic Croatian peka (but only for the owner’s friends and a few locals – don’t try to book a reservation here.) You’ll have to go on the tour to learn which scene it was. IF YOU ARE FAN OF GOT, YOU MUST GO ON THIS TOUR! Or even if you know nothing about Game of Thrones, you will love spending a morning with Andrea. Be sure to book the extended trip. It’s worth it!

    Bonnie B
    October 2017
  • We used this company both in Split and Dubrovnik. They were fantastic. Our guide, Andrea (Split) and Lana (Dubrovnik) really know their stuff!!

    Toeyty O
    January 2018
  • We had a fantastic time on this tour and Antonia was very knowledgeable and fun to have as a tour guide. We originally requested Andrea as she is mentioned often in reviews but she was away, so Antonia end up being our guide. What ever guide you may have I think you will enjoy the tour. Thank you Antonia for an awesome day!

    Highly recommend Game of Thrones Tour – there are many to choose from – but I believe you will be happy if you book with them.

    D B
    January 2018
  • I had an absolute best time on this Split tour. I booked it the night of and Sara was so accommodating and even warned me that I’d be by myself on this trip, the tour guide and myself. Of course I’d be OK with that!
    The weather was crappy, cold and rainy. But Andrea and I had the best time! I learned to much about Split, the history, the current situation, real estate, night life, food, and of course GoT. It was the best 6 hours ever! Despite the weather, I would give anything to relive this day! Do this tour and you will have a blast! Ask for Andrea 🙂

    Grace B
    November 2017
  • The tour had a very personal note. Beside the focus on Game of Thrones it also gave insights into Croatian history and everyday culture. Highly recommendable!

    October 2017
  • The tour was the perfect mix between historic facts about Split and game of thrones related trivia. At the end of the tour our guide took us to her friend´s place (also a game of thrones filming location) and we had the best Croatian meal (peka, freshly bakes bread and wine) in the most beautiful garden!
    Book it – you won´t regret it!

    October 2017
  • I am a GOT tragic and really wanted to do this tour but my friend was only mildly interested in GOT, this tour exceeded both of our expectations, the tour provided fabulous Croatian knowledge of history with the perfect amount of thrones titbits to keep me tantalized. The bonus was the quintessential Croatian pearl at the end, the meal at the winery!

    October 2017
  • This tour was a total MUST for GOT fans, or for anyone who wants to see the historic and beautiful sites of Split! The five hour tour went by in a flash – Andrea made it so super fun and engaging, and we talked theories about GOT throughout it all. We laughed, we stopped for coffee, we talked about growing up in Split, future travel plans – it was like we were hanging out with a really good friend, which made the day better than we could have even expected. Like everyone else has said, lunch was AMAZING: delicious food, copious carafes of yummy wine and local spirits, homemade warm bread, and great conversation. This tour was the highlight of my trip to Croatia, for sure! Thanks, Andrea!!

    October 2017
  • It’s a great tour, Andea, our tour guide knows a lot of knowledge of the show also the city itself. So we learnt a lot from her. Also the meal at the local restaurant, also one of the scenes at GOT, was delicious. You should not miss if you are a fan of GOT!!

    Nicole Y
    October 2017
  • This was probably the best tour I have done. Andrea was such a great tour guide. She went above and beyond to make us happy and answer every question we had. I was late, due to mix up with buses and Andrea made sure she filled me in on what I missed. I was so very pleased with the tour. I learnt so much about the history of Split and its people. You really don’t have to be a Game Of Thrones enthusiast to really enjoy this tour. It was fantastic for the fans and equally enjoyable for people who have never heard of GOT. Would highly recommend it, especially with Andrea as your guide.
    Thanks Andrea for such a memorable day.

    Caroline F
    September 2017
  • Expensive at first glance, but worth every kuna. Two city location admission fees, 2 car trips and admussion pkus enormous fresh fish or meat lunch in fabulous setting with free flowing wine and conversation. More than just a GoT tour. Loved it.

    Helena S
    Visited September 2017
  • Andrea was amazing! We’ve been part of a couple of tours for our trip and this was definitely the best. Her enthusiasm was infectious, her stories hilarious and gave so much life to the sites we visited. This was topped off with a wonderful meal at the end that we thoroughly enjoyed and home-made grappa we wish we could’ve taken back home with us. Absolutely recommend this tour and Andrea!

    Visited September 2017
  • Fun tour! Andrea made it memorable, was knowledgeable of the history, both Croatian and GOT related. She truly enjoys what she does. Must do for GOT fans.

    Visited September 2017
  • We were privileged enough to have the guide, Andrea, to ourself – and it was an amazing tour. Lots of GoT stuff but also fascinating history and we felt like BFFs by the end. Amazing that a 3 1/2 hour tour ended up being closer to 6 because we enjoyed each other’s company so much. Best tour I’ve done in a long time. You don’t need to take your stuffed dragon though.

    Visited September 2017
  • Never met someone who is as knowledgeable and fanatical about GoT as Andrea, our guide. Love the fact that she also told us about the history of Split. Morning tour is the perfect hour as there was hardly anyone else in most of the sites. And the lunch! It was at a local water mill and the veal was cooked perfect. Couldn’t get better meal elsewhere.

    June T
    Visited September 2017
  • We had such a wonderful tour with Andrea– she is fun, engaging and knows everything possible about GOT and Croatia. We enjoyed the entire evening and especially loved the traditional dinner at the end of the tour– unbelievable dinner and fantastic atmosphere.. We would highly recommend this tour!!

    Visited September 2017
  • Get on an early tour if you can. The area gets really crowded later in the day. The lunch was phenomenal and served in a beautiful setting. So glad we took this tour.

    Visited September 2017
  • My girlfriend and I were blown away at the depth of this tour of Split’s old town and a fortress outside of the town, as well as the fantastic Dalmation lunch provided at the end in a location only locals would know about. Andrea struck the perfect balance of providing shot-by-shot details of where GoT took place along with historical context of the locations we toured. I’d recommend this tour to anyone.

    Visited September 2017
  • This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Split. We were given a “combined” GoT/Split tour which was fantastic. Absolutely loved our guide. The dinner at the mill was amazing.

    A suggestion to the organisers: to give more “colour” to the tour, it would be nice if you bring with you pictures of scenes filmed at the locations included in the tour.

    Nina F
    Visited September 2017
  • This tour was so good! Andrea was very friendly and an excellent guide. She mixed Croatian history with Game of Thrones which kept it very interesting and fun to listen to (even of your not the biggest GoT fan). The dinner and wine after the tour at the magical place were amazing too!
    I would definitely recommend this to amyone who has seen GoT!

    Visited September 2017
  • I really enjoyed the tour and our guide Andrea. Her knowledge and passion about the series as well as the history of Split were fascinating. I really learned a lot from this few hours and I will definitely recommend it to anyone. And of course the meal at the end of the tour was like a cherry on the top: the location, the setting, the food, the drinks and the great company. Thank you!

    Visited August 2017
  • Great and informative tour with a very nice och knowledgeable (in both real and fictional history) tour guide. Very nice dinner at the end of the tour.

    Visited August 2017
  • My girlfriend and I had an amazing time on this tour. I would highly recommend it even though I wasn’t a huge GoT fan I knew enough to make it interesting and there was enough general history included that was equally fascinating. There were only 4 of us on the tour and it made it so personal. Over the tastiest dinner of the trip by far at the beautiful water mill we shared stories and had a lovely time chatting.

    Joshua W
    Visited August 2017
  • This was a very memorable Game of Thrones tour, we visited several scene locations and our guide Andrea (might be wrong name, it’s been a while) was very knowledgeable and guided the tour in a fun and enjoyable manner. It left me wanting more and I didn’t want the tour to end. I would highly recommend this company and I will surely do this again if I return to Split.

    Visited August 2017
  • Everything about the tour was great. Our tour guide was very nice and had a lot of knowledge. The small groups make the tour a lot more personal. And the food and eating experience was great!

    Visited August 2017
  • We were fortunate to have Andrea all to ourselves who was knowledgeable about the local area, great fun and knew everything you need to know about Game of Thrones . Highly recommend, especially enjoyed the local peka meal at the watermill which was delicious in a beautiful tranquil setting.

    Carole N
    Visited August 2017
  • Our guide was amazing and the tour was perfect. On time, well executed and the dinner was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing where things were filmed, and why. You can see some of the real historical events actually had some influence on the authors story.

    Visited July 2017
  • My son and I took the GoT tour two weeks ago and it was not only outstanding but historically accurate and informative of Croatia. Our tour guide, Andrea, was professional, congenial, knowledgeable and showed a true affinity and passion for both GoT and Croatian History. I loved the small group tour we had. When I bring the rest of the family back to Croatia next summer, I would go again. Exceeded expections.

    Visited July 2017
  • Sara was our guide and she was fabulous. The tour group was three of us and it was an amazing mix of GOT and Croatian history. The best part was the dinner at the mill. We’ve been to four countries on this trip and this was the best meal we had. Sara also had picture references from every scene and really knew her stuff inside and out.

    Visited July 2017
  • The tour must be done just for the Guide- Andrea! We were a group of 8 guys and 3 of us had never watched a single episode of GOT ( including me). However, I would still highly recommend the tour as it covers some good history of the city and one of the sites has breathtaking views overlooking the entire city. I would take time out to specially call out our Guide- Ms. Andrea. There was nothing that she did not know or could not handle. Her in depth knowledge of the city and GO

    Visited July 2017
  • This is a must do if your a GOT fan in Split. We toured Diocletian’s palace, which is the setting for the cellars where Daenerys’s dragons were kept, and then visited a hilltop fortress where many of the scenes from Mereen were filmed. At the end of the day, we had a traditional Croatian meal and wine with our group, and it really turned out to be a lot of fun. While the GOT settings were amazing, it was our guide, Andrea, and our driver, Carlo, that made the day so special. Highly recommended.

    Visited June 2017
  • This tour was incredible. It’s all you need to cover not only GOT but the local history as well! Really two tours in one. Marin was an amazing guide! I would highly highly recommend this tour! (You need to be physically fit though). We were so pleased and it was NEVER BORING!!!!!l#

    Visited July 2017
  • Brilliant and very informative guide, great story great places and great food and wine in an idyllic location.

    Visited July 2017
  • Great tour for GOT fans as well as people who would like to know about history of Split. Our guide Andrea was knowledgeable and made the experience one to remember.

    Visited July 2017
  • A great tour that would have GOT fans and also people who haven’t watched the show entertained. It allowed us to discover areas of Split we didn’t know existed. Great trip to the fort too even with the thunder and lightning and fantastic end to the trip with amazing food and wine. Our tour guide was lovely and we met some great people who were on the tour also. Would highly recommend!!

    Visited July 2017
  • The tour was spectacular and our guide, Andrea, was the best. She described each scene that took place in Split so vividly you felt like you were there. She also gave a great overview of the history of the city itself which kept those not up on Game of Thrones interested. The tour was followed by a communal dinner under the stars at a working mill. The setting, company and food were a perfect ending to our night.

    pam h
    Visited June 2017
  • This was a very thorough tour, a good combination of visiting locations from Game of Thrones and learning about the history of Split. Our guide Andrea was very knowledgeable about the show and the city and gave us some good insight into the subtleties of filming the scenes of Meereen in the narrow streets of Split. I opted for the extended tour which included being driven to Klis Fortress which forms the basis for many of the Meereen scenes and affords amazing views over the city. We also enjoyed a delicious meal and wine as part of the package. A great day, very welcoming and fun!

    Visited June 2017
  • Andrea was very knowledgable about the sites in Split, both historically and in relation to Game of Thrones. She is obviously a fan of the show and it was a pleasure hearing her anecdotes about the filming from a local point of view. Dinner was a lovely experience and her friendliness made the group very comfortable and easy to get along with.

    Visited June 2017
  • Yesterday afternoon I went and did the Game of Thrones Tour with our Guide Vladan, you could not ask for a better guide, so informative on the Game of Thrones but more so on the history of the Diocietian’s Palace and the Fortress of Klis, and all said with humour added in as well. We also had Tino to help us get to places and making sure that we were happy with how things were going. The dinner we had at The Water Mill was fantastic, beautiful home cooked food. The food came out and it was a lot of food but once we tasted it, there wasn’t much left afterwards. So if in Split you should do this tour even if you are not into the Game Of Thrones, it is well worth it. Doing the afternoon tour was good as well as when we got to the Fortress there is hardly anyone there, which makes it even more special. Thanks again Vladan and Tino for a great afternoon adventure.

    Visited June 2017
  • I did this tour on my own and has such a blast! The locations were great and the meal at the end of the day was a highlight Ill not soon forget!

    Visited May 2017
  • Thank you to the team for providing a wonderful experience on our tour. Andrea was very knowledgeable, excited to show us around the different GOT sites, and the Split town. Lunch was certainly a highlight for me at the watermill! The intimate size, the 1:1 attention we received, was fantastic! Thank you again for making this tour such a unique and rewarding experience during our holiday in Croatia!

    Erica P
    Visited April 2017
  • The tour was very interesting. I seen all of locations where GoT was filming.
    Andrea, the guide, is very nice and her English is easy to understand. She knows a lot of anecdotes.
    The price could be a little expensive but the tour is complete and I passed a very good moment.

    Visited May 2017
  • For Game of Thrones fans it’s definitely worth it with the right amount of imagination and fandom. After the tour they take you to the most amazing place for lunch with the most beautiful views and most delicious food! I HIGHLY recommend this tour! Andrea was our tour guide and she was really great and knowledgeable of the show AND the sites. There is absolutely nothing i would change about this tour!

    Ann M
    Visited April 2017
  • This tour was a great combination of GOT, Split history and general knowledge about croatian way of life. Our guide was very knowledgeable plus a super nice guy.
    All the stops (the palace, the fort and the water mill) were interesting and had stunning views. The lunch at the water mill was just awesome!
    We were a little bit concerned about the price before the tour but it was definitely worth every cent.

    Maisa P
    Visited April 2017
  • Very much worth it. Small group and Tino was warm, friendly and funny. Also willing to take re-enactment photos! He knows the books, the show, the film locations, secrets and history of each site visited. I cannot pick a favorite – the Diocletian Palace, Kliss fortress, or the water mill. The food was delicious and it was a lovely way to end a lovely tour. Thank you, Tino!!

    Visited March 2017
  • Whether you are into GOT or not this tour is well worth a go. What we particularly liked was the tour was intentionally kept small i.e only 4 of us, making it much more personal. We had a really friendly German couple with us and with Tino’s tour guide skills made this tour exceptional and superb value for money as our afternoon tour lasted over 4 hours !!

    Visited September 2015
  • We spent an incredible 5 hours with Tino and Matea. Tino picked us up right in front of our apartment door, ontime, we picked up a few more guests and began the tour in Diocletians Palace. Incredible stories and info about GOT. Being in the spot where some of the very important scenes were filmed was awesome. They drove us up to a fortress in Klis where many scenes of Mereen will filmed. We ended with an incredible visit to an old grist mill owned by the same family for 7 generations. I won’t spoil what was filmed there but when you see it you’ll remember. The owner served us a dinner called Peka. Best dinner we had in all of Europe. We were on vacation for 24 days so that’s saying something. I promise you if you’re a GOT fan you WILL love this tour.

    Visited September 2015
  • This was an amazing tour. My boyfriend is a huge GOT fan and well I’ve seen up to season 2 but it didn’t matter! It was amazing and worth it for the history alone. Tino our guide was just fantastic and we finished off with the most beautiful lunch. It really was the highlight of our trip to Croatia 🙂 Thanks Tino – Sophie & Hamish

    Visited September 2015
  • I went on a solo trip to Croatia and I joined the GofT walking tour in split. It was amazing! They tell you the show history as well as the actual history in Split. They take you through the palace, the tunnels, Klis Fortress as well lunch by the river. Totally worth the money, the girls know their stuff and I actually learned a lot about the filming and why they picked Croatia. I would recommend this tour to anyone because you wouldn’t be able to get all this info by yourself as well the transportation from each site would take hours by bus.

    Chelsey G
    Visited November 2015
  • We loved this! Highly recommended. Great service on the set up and the tour was really fun. Excellent way to see Split and get your GOT nerd on. Our guide Tino was fantastic and we especially loved the lunch/wine/beautiful setting at a key scene location… the story of how they found it to shoot there is hilarious.

    Visited April 2016
  • My friend and I had a really great time on the Game of Thrones tour in Split. Our tour guide was a fun guy who knew a lot about Game of Thrones and exactly what scenes had been filmed in each location. The fortress was awesome and the dinner afterward was probably the coolest part and it all felt really authentic. Totally recommend this tour!

    Visited May 2016
  • Went as a treat for my GoT-obsessed girlfriend. The guide was fantastic and it felt like we’d known him for years. He was very knowledgable about the history of the locations and their relation to the series. We heard about how the locations were chosen and some interesting stories about filming. To finish off the trip, we went to a local village for an amazing traditional Croatian peka meal in a stunning restaurant garden by the side of a river. Recommended to fans and non-fans.

    Stuart Y
    Visited May 2016
  • The tour was awesome, Tino was so knowledgable and passionate about game of thrones which made the tour even more special. I had no idea what to expect for the dinner and water mill at the end of the tour but that was arguably the best part! Would definitely recommend to any avid Game of Thrones fans visiting!

    Visited May 2016
  • The tour itself was excellent and covered alot of GoT scenes filmed in and around Split. Talked about GoT stuff as well as historical stuff related to the area. Srdan is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable about GoT and the history of the city. He is very sociable and a really nice guy. Lunch at the end of the tour is very delicious. A highly recommended tour !!!

    Elie K
    Visited May 2016
  • This is a great tour for Game of Thrones fans! We saw so many places that they filmed incredibly memorable scenes: Diocletian’s palace, Klis fortress, and a mill outside of town. We arranged to go on this tour because we are big fans of the show, but our favorite part was actually the lunch excursion to the mill. We ate at a family-owned mill (been in the same family for 700 years), and while they did film a scene in the show here, the better part of the lunch was that everything we ate and drank was grown or produced on the farm, and we got to try peka (which takes several hours to prepare). Our guide was one of the co-owners of the tour company; while he didn’t seem to be as much of a fan as the guests were, he knew his stuff and had clearly done his homework. We really enjoyed the opportunity to see so much of Split outside of the old town!

    Visited May 2016
  • The tour offered us a unique experience to walk through the Diocletian palace to see not only places that GoT was filmed, but to also learn the history behind the different areas of the palace. We were also taken to Fort Klis, which is the basis for Mereen, and were brought through the location of numerous scenes from the series. Inside the fort, we were also able to see many old relics and displays regarding the history of the site. The tour concluded with a excellent dinner at an operating water mill to enjoy a great dinner. The meal consisted of wine and peka, which was one of the best meals we had on our entire trip, prepared by the owners of the property. We did the afternoon tour and would definitely recommend taking that one if you have the choice.

    Visited May 2016
  • We saw many filming places and learned a lot of info regarding Game of Thrones. We also learned about the history of the city. We got to eat some very delicious food after the tour was over which made the tour perfect. I can’t think about anything bad or annoying that happened on the tour because there wasn’t anything like that. The tour was excellent.

    Visited June 2016
  • We are GOT fans so we booked both tours in Split and Dubrovnik. I enjoyed the Split tour better than the Dubrovnik tour. I think it was because of the knowledgeable guide. She not only talked about the show but about Split’s history. We drove to Klis Castle which was fascinating and the Diocletian Place where some of the scenes were shot. It was great! I highly recommend this tour.

    Ugti R
    Visited June 2016
  • This tour is a must if you’re a Game of Thrones fan visiting Split. We had an absolute blast learning more about the city’s history and GoT info/locations. The guide is fantastic, sites are beautiful and dinner is a treat. Wear tennis shoes and enjoy!!

    Visited June 2016
  • As fans of Game of Thrones we can highly recommend this tour. Great Locations (including the Diocletian Palace, Fort Kris and the Watermill) and also a nice BBQ. The half-day tour was perfectly organized and the tour guides were totally friendly and provided us with lots of information. A must see in Split. Thanks to the Team and all the Best.

    Patricia M
    Visited June 2016
  • We spent a great day touring with our tour guide Vladan. We meet him at the designated meeting place and he was there waiting for us. He allowed me to take so many great photos. I really want to book another trip in the future to go back with a few other freinds. Sara thank you so much for your quick replies to all my questions and for arranging a great day. By the way the lunch that we had at the Water Mill was over the top.

    Joe P
    Visited June 2016
  • Thanks again to both guides for this great tour! It was well organized and very friendly. Tino and Matea are very keen to link the games of thrones sites to the history of the area. They are also very knowledgeable about this and we learned a lot even though we know quite well the region. We ended the tour by a delicious peka meal. Highly recommended!

    Visited July 2016
  • i had an amazing time with this tour, Sanela not only took to the shoot location spots but she also told us the history. She was knowledge and funny, loved her energy. Also the Croatian feast was so delicious too.. would recommend this tour to all GOT fans

    Visited July 2016
  • This was an amazing experience well worth the price very organized and very knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job mixing GoT with the history of the area. Dinner was out of the world and very authentic local meal prepared with love. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning about GoT and local history to contact these guys. Our guides both Tino and Serjon ( might be wrong with the spelling, please forgive me) were amazing and delightful. Sara was very easy to contact to coordinate and plan. She stayed in contacted the entire time. Would highly recommend…

    Visited August 2016
  • My partner and I are huge GoT fans and loved every minute of this tour! Serjan, our tour guide, was warm, friendly, funny and very knowledgable on both GoT and Split. The BBQ dinner at the Water Mill was the perfect way to end the evening and was the tastiest meal from our entire time in Croatia. We saw parts of Split, that we wouldn’t have otherwise, and I’m so glad we did, as it was beautiful! My partner and I are now re-watching GoT and are bragging to everyone that we have stood in the same spot as the Mother of Dragons!

    Visited July 2016
  • Had a great tour of split history and GOT show locations. I had to start early and leave earlier. The tour guides were extraordinarily accommodating in starting 1/2 hour earlier and providing me with a private taxi back to my ferry! Highly recommend the tour.

    Visited July 2016
  • Vladan – one of the tour guides arranged a fantastic tour with lots of interesting and useful information for us. Besides the central spot where we got some insights of both GOT and Split history we went to some locations outside of the busy tourist center and finished the day with a delicious barbecue at a stunningly beautiful venue. Vladan was absolutely easy going, talkative but not too much focused on GOT content. We can strongly recommend this tour and we more than enjoyed it.

    Visited August 2016
  • What a great tour we had with your company. We found that we learnt so much not only about the locations from Game of Thrones but also about split as well! The cherry on the cake was the dinner at the mill after what an incredible experience to end off one of the best tours I have ever been a part of! Keep up the good work guys!

    Visited August 2016
  • So of course we love GOT, but we also love history. Our tour guide was Sanela Marković and we met up with her in the old city. It was not a great day for the tour because we had a windy rain storm and most of the places in the old city were at least covered. We lucked out and the rain stopped in time for our tour up to Klis Fortress. Lovely views from up top and even a fake plastic dragon and some pictures of the filming. We ended the tour with a visit and dinner to the water mil filming location. It was traditional Croatian peka barbecue with local wine, water and homemade bread at the water mill. All was worth it. We had a great day. We had a total of eight people on the tour. They will drive you to the site to Klis & the to dinner and back to your hotel in Split or area where you park. Now time to re-watch the GOT.

    Visited September 2016
  • We had a really nice day out on this tour. The set and site seeing parts were great and the tour guide was good fun but the meal at the end was truly memorable and not really something you are likely to stumble on or be able to do on your own. If you think it looks a little pricey don’t forget the meal aspect – we didn’t need to eat again that day! The wine was good too!

    Visited August 2016
  • Me and my boyfriend Jon met the guide outside Dioletecians Palace, then led through the palace and the undergrounds. The guide had a little booklet which showed the corresponding scenes in the series which was helpful when picturing where the acting had taken place. We really enjoyed Klis and its rustic charm, the views were amazing. The 3rd location was stunning and the food we sat down to eat was the best! Thank you for an amazing time ( the couple who were staying right next to the mill)!

    Sarah B
    Visited September 2016
  • What made this tour so great is how informal it is, no ear radio’s and none of this holding a sign up. Your in a small group, your introduced to everyone and off you go. Sure everyone goes on this tour for the GOT, but you are also informed of the history of the filming locations. When you move on, it’s no coach but the tour guides cars making it even more informal as you get the chance to talk with others on the tour including the driver about anything. There were two cars used on our tour, lovely location at the end of the tour with a delicious lunch with the tour guides sitting with you making sure everything is to your liking. A great way to conduct a tour.

    Visited September 2016
  • Our trip to Croatia was booked last minute and so we did not have time to book any tours in advance. We found this tour and booked it about 10pm the evening before we wanted to go. Despite the website saying ideally it should be 24 hours in advance, Sara went out of her way to get us booked on a tour. We ended up on the 4:30 tour just the two of us and our tour guide, Vladan, who was a brilliant guide. We learnt about game of thrones as well as the history of split! From start to finish it was amazing and the food that you have on the final bit of the tour, was by far the best food we had during our trip. You are taken to a Mill where all the food, wine, bread etc is all homemade and it was fantastic!

    Visited on September 2016
  • This was a great tour. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable of both the history of Split, as well as how the filming of GOT was conducted there. We were able to see quite a few locations, and ended the tour at a very remote filming location in a beautiful setting. My wife and I visited many locations throughout Croatia, and the GOT tour in split was our favorite part of the whole trip.

    Rick L
    Visited on September 2016
  • We do a lot of guided tours and this was by far, the best one yet. It was incredible! We were personally picked up at our hotel, brought to the Diocletian Palace and treated to an excellent tour for just the 4 of us. It was mind-blowing. Our guide then drove us to the Fortress of Klis. From a Game of Thrones point of view, it was a day my boys & husband will never forget. As if that wasn’t enough, our guide brought us to a family-run Croatian barbecue at an ancient mill where absolutely EVERYTHING was homemade. From start to finish, our guide was professional, knowledgeable and super funny. We did a lot of really neat things in Spilt, but this tour was our favorite.

    Visited October 2016
  • Great tour with Ivana in Dubrovnik and Vladen in Split, Croatia. Got to see all filming locations and guides had pictures to show you of the set as well. The Dubrovnik guide had props like the needle, Jon Snow’s sword and shield to take pics with. Both guides also gave us history and information on the sites, outside of just the game of thrones filming sites as well. The food and wine at Antonicia’s Mill (an actual working mill with beautiful landscape) on the Split tour was the best meal ever. Slow roasted fresh vegetables and meat. Yum!! Excellent tours! Would strongly recommend!!

    Robert B
    Visited on September 2016
  • We had a wonderful tour with Vladan. He had a thorough knowledge of The Games Of Thrones series as well as an extensive knowledge of the history of Split. At the end of the tour he took us to an amazing restaurant where everything was home made and such a pretty location. Here we relaxed and laughed,ate and drank amazing homemade food and drink. This is also a favourite spot for the Game of Thrones cast and crew. We really enjoyed this tour and would highly recommend it.

    Visited on September 2016

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